Smilart & Basler take on school security

7/09/15 | Basler

Smilart continues to work closely with its partners to bring solutions that work for customers around the globe. Thanks to our good friends at Basler AG, our software, in combination with their best-in-class ace GigE cameras, together bring practical results that impress and provide security to those who need it the most.

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Working with Bosch

31/03/14 | Bosch

Bosch access control systems now work with Smilart.

Smilart starts testing its new school security system

31/01/14 | College of Communications #54, Moscow


Smilart has completed installation and started testing a new security system for schools. It was developed by Smilart and our partners at Era Novih Tehnologiy as well asBezopasnost' Stolitsy. The system matches the electronic access card with the user's face, thus compelling the cardholder to use the access card according to protocol guidelines. The system is installed for testing in College of Communications no. 54

In the news — portal

29/01/14 | portal

See our video about the Smilart facial recognitnionsystem at Sheremetyevo Airport's customs offices from the news story.