Smilart in the news

30/12/13 | Interview

Smilart’s chief product officer discussing the aspects of face recognition on the RBK TV news talk show.

[In Russian] Reference to source (YouTube)

Smilart software has been installed at the Samara railway station

22/08/12 | Samara railway station

An identification module developed by Smilart has been successfully implemented into a video surveillance software solution at the Samara railway station. The system has been set in partnership with Integra-S.

Smilart – iDate Awards 2012 Finalist

1/12/11 | iDate Awards 2012, Miami

Smilart has been nominated for iDate Awards 2012 “Best New Technology!”

The 3rd annual Online Dating Industry Awards will take place on January 24, 2012 in Miami at the iDate 2012 conference.

Conference is scheduled for January 23-30, 2012 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami. The convention is attended by owners and senior executives in the internet dating and social networking market. Topics explored include: angel investing, mobile technology, legal, dating/matchmaking software, partnerships, internet advertising, payment systems, background search, business strategies, and new technologies.

First Day on our New Platform

26/08/11 | Smilart Platform

We are proud to announce our first successful project with our new in-house platform – Smilart Platform!

Our first client, Cupid PLC, one of the most prominent online-dating sites, is now using our service for photo processing. Recently we completed the testing phase and have achieved seamless interaction between the site and our service. Now the work is provided through a secure HTTPS connection.

Along with face detection we now have new functions available. They allow our customers to determine if a person providing a photograph is part of our “celebrity database” and to then block the photo from being used if there is a match.

With this functional application, our service contributes to Cupid PLC’s policy which requires that there must be a person in the photo who is not a celebrity. The advantage of our system is that automatic photo processing saves a considerable amount of time and human resources.

We have received excellent feedback from Cupid PLC and are going to develop the Platform further in order to expand our services to everyone.