Hello, we are SMILART and we make the world’s fastest and most accurate biometric facial recognition solutions. Custom tailored to meet the needs of ANY customer, Smilart’s very own algorithm and platform are unmatched in speed and precision to offer the fastest, best-in-class, real-time solution you require. Whether you demand rigid, secure monitoring in a safety risk environment or need a simple and cost-effective software to run your access system, we have it. Smilart solutions are not limited to any particular area of business, instead, they are defined by application and what each customer seeks to accomplish. Whatever your objective, our solutions can help you do it better, safer and more effectively. Our technology is programmed to function flawlessly to the exact specifications you envision.
Our solutions have been installed in airports, schools, offices, correctional facilities, metro subway stations, rail freight and long distance railway depots, and much more. Using Smilart instead of outdated technology is a sure way to spend less and get more. Our solutions are highly redundant, scalable and can be adjusted to fit any need no matter how unique. Since our software and the algorithms that make it function are our own, so we have a distinct advantage to serve our customers as a single vendor.  This way, the absence of third party vendor costs is passed directly on to you, the customer. In addition, implementing Smilart rapidly improves operating performance and reduces error as well as other capital expenditures, making our product a money saving tool in addition to a dependable, cutting edge system.
If you envision a modern solution for your business with the help of human biometrics, consider it done!