With terror alert levels at an all-time high as well as other ongoing security threats, one of the world’s largest international airports needed a high-tech update to its means for screening passengers. The major obstacle for them was a limited budget against a federal mandate coupled with an obligation to its passengers.  The challenge posed to Smilart was how to help the customer save money and also move them to a much higher level of confidence and security.

The answer was simple. Once our solution was installed and working optimally in real-time, the congestion through the screening line virtually disappeared, even during their traditionally busiest peak travel times.  Operating at optimal effectiveness, we are proud to say that the customer reported an unparalleled record of success in suspect detection, but our technology also meant that passengers were screened faster and foot traffic flowed without incident. Not only did our solution immediately help Sheremetyevo achieve one of the highest rankings in safety and security for airport screening, it also had a major positive impact on the airport’s bottom line. Since our solution did the job of several and did so with far greater efficacy, there was no longer a need to have as many on duty security personnel.  Accordingly, we have been told that the Smilart system works beautifully and continues to perform without incident. By trusting Smilart the customer accomplished more with less and ended up saving money in the process.